24 May 2024

‘SNP as divided and chaotic as Tories’, says Starmer

Scotland Correspondent

Sir Keir Starmer says ‘SNP as divided and chaotic as Tories’

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer tells Kathryn Samson the Scottish vote is “integral” to forming a Labour government and putting an end to the “divided and chaotic” SNP government.

Kathryn Samson: Keir Starmer, you’re so far ahead in the polls now, you don’t really need Scotland to win, do you?

Sir Keir Starmer: Scotland is vital, integral to forming the next Labour government if we’re privileged enough to come in to serve. There are two reasons for that. One is numerical. We started from a low base in 2019, but it’s more important even than that to me personally, because if we are elected in and I am to be prime minister and to serve, I want that to be service for the whole of the United Kingdom, including service in Scotland.

So it matters to me, over and above the numbers, that we have strong representation here in Scotland. That’s why I want to see, if you like, the next generation of Scots on the Labour benches, the government benches in Westminster, serving with me, everybody across Scotland.

Kathryn Samson: But on those numbers, you don’t need Scotland. So why shouldn’t Scots, particularly those who support independence, still vote for the SNP?

Sir Keir Starmer: The SNP is divided and chaotic as the Tories. But we need to change from this Tory government to a Labour government that can deliver change. Now you can’t deliver change. The SNP are simply saying, vote SNP to send a message, sit on the opposition benches, making a protest and send the message. Don’t change Scotland by sending a message and protesting. You change Scotland by sending strong Labour representation as part of a Labour government that can deliver, from day one, the change that Scotland absolutely needs.

But I also do say again, it matters to me to have that strong representation. I want those voices there as part of our government making the choices and making the difference in Scotland. Don’t send a message. A message isn’t going to change anything. A government will change everything.