5 Jun 2018

Shashi Tharoor interview on ‘clear conscience’ over wife’s death – and Hindu nationalism

The Indian politician and author Shashi Tharoor summoned by a Delhi Court on charges of abetting his wife’s alleged suicide, has dismissed the accusation as “preposterous”.

In an interview with Channel 4 News to promote his new book, he says he is able to keep working through it all because “It helps to have a clear conscience Krishnan, I do.”

He tells presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy: “I’ve been co-operating fully with the four and a half years of investigations and I’ve always maintained we should have faith in our legal system and our judicial process and we should see it through the process. So of course, whatever the law requires I am very confident there’s no basis whatsoever for these charges and I intend absolutely, vigorously to contest them within the law.

“I believe these charges are preposterous, I believe they’re baseless, there isn’t a shred of truth in either the charge that there was any foul play, or any crime was involved in the tragic and premature death of my wife. I want to see justice done, but at this point I can’t enter into the merits of it. It’s a process that has to be gone through before judges and court.”

On the timing of the charges, Shashi Tharoor says: “Don’t that speak for something? That it would have to happen just a few months before an election. As I say I can’t say much more but one looks at certain things and one comes to one’s own conclusions.”