8 Sep 2017

Rohingya: how Channel 4 News has reported the crisis over the last five years

More than a quarter of a million Muslim Rohingya have fled Myanmar to neighbouring Bangladesh in the last two weeks to escape the cycle of violence gripping their country.

Many accuse Buddhist mobs and the Burmese military, which is fighting Rohingya militants who have attacked police posts, of burning their villages and attacking civilians.

This is how Channel 4 News has covered the plight of the Rohingya people.

1 Sep 2017: Channel 4 News visits a camp in Rakhine, where Rohingya are held under armed guard.

30 Aug 2017: 18,000 Rohingya flee the worsening violence in northern Myanmar.

28 Aug 2017: 1,000 Rohingya force their way over the border into Bangladesh following two days of violence.

15 April 2017: Rohingya speak of the violence they say they have suffered at the hands of the Burmese military.

Contains distressing content.

3 Feb 2017:¬†UN report reveals ‘devastating cruelty’ against Rohingya.

Contains distressing content.

5 Nov 2015: Rohingya at a camp in Myanmar talks about the elections taking place.

18 June 2015: Channel 4 News questions Aung San Suu Kyi about the persecution of Rohingya.

5 June 2015: Channel 4 News discovers a camp in Malaysia that is used by people smugglers to imprison Rohingya.

26 May 2015: Channel 4 News reports from a camp in Malaysia used to imprison Rohingya.

25 May 2015: Channel 4 News reports from a camp in Malaysia where graves have been found, with many of the dead thought to be Rohingya.

8 Aug 2013: Channel 4 News talks to Rohingya at a camp in Bangladesh.

31 May 2013: Channel 4 News reports from an immigration detention centre in Thailand where Rohingya are being held in overcrowded conditions.

3 Feb 2013: Rohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar arrive at the Thai border.

14 Aug 2012: Rohingya in a refugee camp after violent clashes with Buddhists.

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