31 Mar 2023

“Prison gives you alone time; you start to figure things out” – Michael Balogun finds his purpose

“I don’t think you can expect someone to change their life by putting them in a room and locking the door.” Michael Balogun might not believe that prison “helps” people to turn their life around, but it was undoubtedly his experience serving time that led him to where he is today – a star of the West End, currently appearing in a version of the Lehman Trilogy at the National Theatre.

But there’s more to Balogun than a zero to hero story; his is one of extraordinary resilience, the power of manifestation, and a chance encounter with someone who saw his potential that changed everything.

Michael Balogun joins Krishnan Guru-Murthy on Ways to Change the World to discuss how he turned his life around through acting, and why the power of your thoughts matter.

Produced by: Imahn Robertson

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