4 Apr 2024

Playwright of Jodie Comer’s Broadway hit on sexual assault and getting justice

When lawyer turned playwright Suzie Miller created a one-woman show starring Jodie Comer for the West End and Broadway called ‘Prima Facie’, she wouldn’t have dreamt that her play would fuel real change in the legal system’s approach to sexual assault cases.

The play has won multiple awards, has inspired efforts to change UK laws, and has also been turned into a book of the same title.

In this episode of Ways to Change the World, Suzie Miller  tells Krishnan Guru-Murthy why rape victims are failed by the legal system, how trauma is misunderstood in the court room, and why a patriarchal system forces female barristers to become part of the problem.

Produced by Shaheen Sattar and Silvia Maresca.

WARNING: Contains references of sexual assault

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