27 Jun 2014

Phone hacking: A to Z of the ‘trial of the century’

It was the trial that had everything – cats, pizzas, witches and Fairy Liquid. Here’s an alphabetical guide to what happened over eight months at the Old Bailey’s court 12.

After eight months of patiently listening to the evidence, jurors in the phone hacking trial reach their verdict Here is an alphabetical guide to what happened at the Old Bailey (Reuters)

A (Affair)

One of the most dramatic revelations in court was that Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson had a long-running, on-off affair while they were married to other people.

B (Babykins)

Prince William’s term of endearment for girlfriend Kate Middleton, babykins, was discovered on tape recordings of voicemail messages.

C (Cat)

Former NoW reporter Dan Evans claimed Andy Coulson was well aware phone hacking was happening “on his watch” and that “even the office cat” knew what was going on.

D (Diana)

Princess Diana leaked information about Prince Charles to the press so she could “take on” her estranged husband, former News of the World (NoW) royal editor Clive Goodman said.

E (Edis)

The crown was represented by lead prosecutor Andrew Edis QC.

F (Fairy)

Rebekah Brooks’ husband Charlie drank a bottle of Fairy Liquid as a hangover cure, a friend of his told the court.

G (Ginger)

A joke message left on Prince Harry’s phone by a man pretending to be his girlfriend Chelsy Davy described him as a “big, hairy, fat ginger”, the court heard. The prankster was said to be Harry’s brother William.

H (Hell)

In a message from David Blunkett to Sally Anderson, who were wrongly reported to have been having an affair, the former home secretary said: “Someone very, very close has done a really phenomenal piece of work on destroying both our lives at this moment in time and it’s vile. Whoever it is, I hope they rot in hell.”

I (i-Pad)

An iPad was among the items Charlie Brooks was alleged to have tried to hide from the police.

J (Jail)

In an email to colleague Stuart Kuttner, Clive Goodman warned that if cash payments to contacts were traced, “we … would all end up in jail”.

K (Kemp)

Rebekah Brooks’ affair with Andy Coulson coincided with her marriage to actor Ross Kemp.

L (Lesbian)

Charlie Brooks was also alleged to have hidden a copy of Lesbian Lovers magazine.

M (Milly)

Murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler’s voicemail messages were accessed when Rebekah Brooks was editor of the NoW.

N (News of the World)

Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson edited the NoW, which was closed down by its owner Rupert Murdoch after revelations that it hacked Milly Dowler’s phone.

O (Operations)

The Met’s Operation Weeting led to the hacking trial, while Elveden investigated allegations of payments to officials and Tuleta looked at computer hacking.

P (Pizza)

The prosecution claimed that Rebekah and Charlie Brooks and former News International head of security, Mark Hanna, tried to fool police by disguising the return of a laptop and other items to the Brooks’ London home as a pizza delivery. A text message said: “Broadsword calling Danny Boy. Pizza delivered and the chicken is in the pot.”

Q (Queen)

A memo was sent to Buckingham Palace police officers telling them to “keep their sticky fingers off” bowls of nuts left out for the Queen, who was “furious” that “police on patrol scoff the lot”.

R (Royal)

Clive Goodman said some of his sources were members of the royal family.

S (Saunders)

Mr Justice Saunders presided over the trial.

T (Trial)

The examination of phone hacking at the NoW has been dubbed the trial of the century, but so have many other cases.

U (Underground)

Charlie Brooks was alleged to have hidden items in an underground carpark.

V (Voicemail)

Part of the case revolved around voicemail messages that had been hacked, and whether those in charge knew what was going on.

W (Witch)

At the start of the trial, Private Eye’s cover likened Rebekah Brooks to a witch. Mr Justice Saunders called it “a joke in especially bad taste”.

X (X-rated)

Charlie Brooks said he hid a bag in a carpark because it contained X-rated DVDs.

Y (Yelland)

In his Leveson lecture, former Sun editor David Yelland said most of his journalist friends were “utterly depressed” because of the “reputational damage that has befallen journalism in this country”.

Z (Zoe)

Dan Evans claimed he was handed a list of celebrities to hack when he joined the NoW. Names included Simon Cowell, Cilla Black and Zoe Ball.