26 Sep 2012

Norwegian family celebrates third lotto jackpot

When Norwegian mother of three, Hege Jeanette Oksnes, is pregnant or gives birth someone in her family wins the national lottery – the latest win came within months of the arrival of her third child.

A lottery ticket (Reuters)

The brother and father of the 29-year old petrol station attendant from tiny Austevoll island off Norway’s west coast have both now won the top prize.

19-year old Tord Oksnes won 12m Norwegian krone in the Lotto a week ago, but when the lottery company contacted him about the win, he could not believe it.

Because both his father and sister had won the lotto top prize, Tord thought it was a joke when the Norwegian Lotto called him.

Every time Tord’s sister Hege Jeanette has given birth, someone in the family has won the top prize.

When her father won, she was at the hospital after giving birth to her first daughter. When she herself won, she was due with girl number two. When Tord won last week, her third girl was four months old.

Ms Oksnes told AFP news agency that her three other brothers who have so far not benefitted from her lucky influence, want her to “have at least 10 children”.