7 May 2022

Northern Ireland’s ‘new era’: DUP losing to nationalist party in historic election

Policy Correspondent

Sinn Féin say Northern Ireland is entering a “new era” as they remain on course for an historic election win, overtaking the DUP as the largest party.

The party is set to be the biggest in Stormont for the first time, with Michelle O’Neill as the first nationalist First Minister.

Northern Ireland is divided into 18 constituencies each returning five assembly members under a form of proportional representation – a total of 90 seats are up for grabs.

With 78 counted so far, Sinn Féin have 23 members confirming them as the largest party.

They are ahead of the Democratic Unionist Party who have 22 seats – upending a century’s worth of Unionist political dominance.

The question now is can Sinn Féin form a government with the DUP – who’s leader has refused even to say whether he would accept the post of Deputy First Minister.