4 Apr 2012

No Go Britain: the Twitter travel trial

For the Channel 4 News No Go Britain campaign, we track the journeys of disabled transport users around the UK. You can take part throughout Wednesday – use the hashtag #nogobritain.

No Go Britain: the Twitter travel trial.

Making a journey on the UK’s trains and buses can be a hit-and-miss experience whoever you are. But what if you are using a wheelchair, you are mobility-impaired, visually-impaired or deaf?

Channel 4 News has been revealing the true stories of disabled people, including Britain’s most famous Paralympian Tanni Grey-Thompson who had to “crawl” from a train and quadriplegic sailor Geoff Holt who was “aggressively” stopped from boarding a train.

We’ve also been hearing your stories via Facebook and Twitter. Many of you say you “dread” using public transport with stories of broken ramps, lack of assistance and, on occasion, bus drivers simply driving off.

@ClaireBenjamin4: fam of 4. All visually impaired travelling from London 2 Cumbria 2moro using tube & train
@jaimelicious: Need crutches, knee brace, etc today. No seat at bus stop, can't guarantee bus seat-selfish ppl/prams, so can't go to town/bank
@WTBDavidG: Is a seat where I see full announcement board really 2 much 2 ask?

Tig Brown said on Facebook: “On my last two day trips to London five bus drivers and two taxi drivers refused to let me travel! Worst experience so far.”

Meanwhile, Sam Hunt said: “The number of times [train] assistance staff have failed to provide assistance has led me to no longer trust that any assistance staff will provide the services I need.”

Barry Hague added that flying can also be difficult. He said: “We find airports a problem, getting off a long tiring flight only to find no wheelchair service.”

So throughout Wednesday we’ll be following your UK-wide journeys as you post updates via Twitter about your experiences as a disabled person.

We want to know how you get on – the good stories and the bad.

DO follow @nogobritain on Twitter
DO tell us what’s happening, how it’s going for you from your point-of-view as a disabled person, and why
DO score each journey out of ten and give a reason for your score
DO make the journeys you were planning to make anyway that day
DO tag your posts #nogobritain