Contains distressing content.
15 Aug 2022

NGO calls for ‘full investigation’ into Syrians stranded on Greece Turkey border islet


Over the past few days this programme has reported on a group of 39 Syrians stranded on a small islet in the Evros river which forms the border between Greece and Turkey.

Both the Greek and Turkish authorities have claimed the group is not on their territory and could not be rescued.

Tonight we received news that the group have managed to leave the islet where they were stranded.

We start with a message from one of the group called Baida who we’ve been keeping in touch with.

The Greek Government has written to Channel 4 News saying that “it is clear from the facts and all the photographic evidence that there is no missing child, not to mention a dead child” and say that according to their military maps the islet in question is not Greek territory.

The family, reached by Channel 4 News after release from the Fylakio immigration centre, maintain the girl died.

Warning: This report is distressing.