29 Mar 2011

New CCTV of Ian Tomlinson last moments at G20 protests

The inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in 2009 opens with the jury being shown detailed CCTV of events surrounding his death.

The inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson has been shown CCTV footage of the lead up to his death at the G20 protests in 2009.

His family, present in court, watched as the story behind his final moments unfurled on screen. The detailed video evidence captures the movements of Tomlinson, from Monument Station to the scene where he collapsed and died at the Cornhill Exchange near Bank Station.

It shows how Tomlinson was alone for most of his time in and around the protests, and encountered a number of police cordens before he was pushed to the floor by a policeman.

The moment when he was bitten by a police dog and forced to the floor by a policeman was captured by a Channel 4 News cameraman, and forms part of the key evidence used at the inquest. New footage shows Tomlinson’s steps after he moved away from the Cornhill exchange, just a hundred metres, before collapsing outside of a Starbucks. Initially he was attended to by a member of the public, medical student Lucy Apps, before being ushered away, along with bystanders, by riot officers. At 19.27, five minutes after the incident at the Cornhill Exchange, aerial footage shows police medics now on scene do not appear to give CPR immediately, but radio messages indicate police did realise there was a serious casualty.

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PC Simon Harwood of the Metropolitan Police Territorial Support Group did not face criminal proceedings from the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP). However, in his opening statement to the jury the assistant deputy coroner, Judge Peter Thornton QC, stated: “That was not a final decision, but a provisional decision… He may review that decision after the inquest.”

He added that from the footage it was unclear where Tomlinson was heading on the night of the protests, but could have been returning to his hostel in Smithfield. The jury was also told that Ian Tomlinson was an alcoholic, who had been drinking on that day.

Following the screening of the detailed CCTV evidence and opening statements, the jury were taken to the Cornhill exchange to examine the site where the incident occurred between Tomlinson and PC Harwood.

The jury are tasked with determining Tomlinson's cause of death and the coroner provided a summary of the elements of the inquest to be discussed when it began at 12pm on Tuesday. 

1. Ian Tomlinson's background
2. The policing context relevant to the G20 protests
3. The instruction and training that PC Harwood had received
4. PC Harwood's movements, a dog bite to Tomlinson's leg and a possible push by another officer
5. The encounter between PC Harwood and Tomlinson
6. Where Tomlinson collapsed and the medical assistance he received
7. Finally, the medical evidence.