14 Jun 2014

Netherlands goes nuts after World Cup demolition of Spain

Fans of the Netherlands took Twitter by storm after their team beat Spain 5-1 in their opening World Cup match – here are a few of the more tasteful creations we’re able to share.

The Netherlands exorcised their demons from the last tournament, when they lost to Spain in the final, this time trouncing the reigning world and European champions 5-1.

In an unusual move, the mayor of Amsterdam allowed pubs to stay open for one hour longer than usual as football fans watched Holland take on Spain in the World Cup finals.

About 7.2 million Dutch people watched the match, rising to 7.5 million for the after show – that’s half the population of the Netherlands.

The Dutch reacted with delight, with some fans taking to social media to share their admiration for Dutch coach Louis van Gaal and their hero of the moment, Robin van Persie, who scored a magnificent header – mimicked by fans who appear to have nicknamed his daring leap “Vanperseing”, dubbed by one “a worthy successor to planking”.