27 Feb 2015

Mohammed Emwazi: email trail of his descent into barbarity

Before he travelled to Syria, Islamic State’s Mohammed Emwazi (aka Jihadi John) wrote a series of emails to the advocacy group Cage, which Channel 4 News has obtained.

In the emails, the Londoner, who has appeared in Islamic State murder videos, complained about the way he was being treated by the police and said he was being prevented from travelling.

3 June 2010

Emwazi says he was about to board a flight to Kuwait at Heathrow airport when he was approached by police officers “from the anti-terror section or department”, searched and had his phone, SIM card, laptop and USBs taken. He says he told them he was planning to settle in Kuwait, where he was born.

“One of them got aggressive with me, he pushed me to the wall and started ‘gripsing’ onto the wall, I was just baffled I did not know why he had done that and after this long 6hour interview, fingerprinting and searching. When I asked for their names they said ‘We don’t give out our names’.”

4 June

Cage recommends Emwazi makes an “allegation of assault” by the police officer at Heathrow. Emwazi says: “I have made a formal complaint at IPCC – Independent Police Complaints Commission.”

Date unknown

Emwazi writes about his experiences at Heathrow. He says a police officer wearing a turban “reached out for the Holy Quran and put it on the floor & I asked him to put it onto the chair rather than on the floor. He started to get aggressive, changing his tone of voice. He said ‘I’ve put it onto the chair now, so just shutup’ and I replied ‘You shutup’. He stood up aggressively and came into me face, pushing me back onto the floor. At that point I told the other officers that I was not going to answer any-more questions until this aggressive and angry person that has hate for me for no reason, got out of the room. He later stood outside”.

Date unknown

Emwazi says an Asian officer “grabbed onto my t-shirt and throw me onto the wall, garbing onto my beard and lasting strangling my by my neck. All this was happing to me while the officers sat down casually not stopping or doing anything. When the Asian officer realised I was having difficulty breathing, he finally let go of my neck. At this point I was absolutely shocked and completely baffled”.

21 June

Emwazi says “through my friends in Kuwait, it has been said to me that Kuwait has no problem with me entering, & the reason for my refusal is simply because the UK ‘agents’ have told them to not let me in!! The solution to this, is basically to put pressure on these UK ‘agents’.”

20 July

Emwazi says he has ” finally managed to have a meeting with a women called [BLANKED OUT] representing the Met Police, who takes care of complaints by the public”.

24 July

Emwazi says he had a meeting with the Independent Police Complaints Commission. “However, as there is no evidence of the way the police force treated me (because their was no cameras in the room) my complaint can only go as far as informing those officer, that an individual has made a complaint to them, and as a result a ‘complaint file’ will appear under their names in the ‘police force database’.”

31 July

Emwazi says he “just wanted to share this video with you brothers, notice at the end of the video these evil people start brutally beating old, white bearded, poor men brothers”.

12 Aug

“Really dont know what to do, but InshAllah i’m not going to loose hope, i’ve spoken to some family in Kuwait & they said they are trying there best to move the ‘refusal’ of my name, that is stored onto the system. But i cant really depend on that…”

30 Nov

“I also hope that both our efforts, put an end of the oppression that so often happens under the hands of those that believe they are above the law, taking advantage of the “Police uniform”, acting like ‘Robocop’, rather than civilized humans.”

Emwazi says his father is in Kuwait “to just basically speak to some ‘officials’ to let me on/to remove this ‘black’ mark under my name etc”.

25 Dec

“As you already know, my father is in Kuwait trying to solve my problem. AlhamduAllah, after long research he has managed to get into the ‘security services’ in Kuwait, & found out that my name, Is not known to them & that there is no problem under my name!!”

12 Jan 2011

“I dont know if you remember but I suggested to we meet up with our local MP… & get some sort of letter stating that Im no terrorist & have no criminal record!!”

2 March

“My mother is only worried that when i land in the Kuwaiti airport (if i am even allowed to get on the plan!!) that they the kuwaiti officials will take my ‘fingerprints/photos’ and then they will ‘Never’ let me in. Any advice you can pass onto me & my worried mother?”