28 Apr 2024

Local elections: every Dorset council seat is up for grabs

Home Affairs Correspondent

Millions of voters will get their last chance on Thursday to cast a ballot before the general election.

Around 2,600 councillors will be elected in 107 local authorities across England. Labour are expected to make gains – and some polls predict that the Conservatives could lose around half the seats they are defending.

There will also be elections for 10 metro mayors – mostly in the Midlands or north of England

And, across all of Wales and almost all of England, police and crime commissioners are up for re-election on 2nd May.

We’ve been to Dorset, where all county council seats are being contested, and the Lib Dems are hoping to take control from the Conservatives.

Click here for more information on Dorset elections, and here for further information on local elections across England.