18 Jun 2020

Jon Stewart: ‘The presidency is supposed to age the president – not the country’

Europe Editor and Presenter

Jon Stewart was at the helm of America’s Daily show for 15 years – a satirical news programme and talk show – that questioned and made fun of those in charge as well as the media that reported on them.

Since he left the programme, he’s campaigned for the thousands of sick and dying 9/11 emergency workers to keep receiving compensation.

He’s also written and directed a film – ‘Irresistible’- about the disconnect between the Washington elite, both Republican and Democrat and the voters they periodically try to woo.

Through the prism of a mayoral election in a tiny town in rural Wisconsin, the film, out later this month, tackles almost all the ills of America’s political system.

We spoke to Jon Stewart and began by asking him whether he was surprised about John Bolton’s incendiary revelations about his former White House boss, Donald Trump.