14 Jun 2018

Johnny Marr on the Manchester bombing: ‘Amidst the shock and devastation, I knew I was going to be swept on a wave of pride coming from that city’

With his jangly guitar and unique way of playing it, Johnny Marr created the sound of The Smiths. He made the music to Morrissey’s lyrics in a band that defined indie music in the 80s. Since their split, Marr worked with giants from Paul McCartney to Noel Gallagher. But now he’s a solo act releasing his third album tomorrow, with a world tour to match.¬†His old songwriting partner Morrissey has, by contrast, horrified his fans recently with apparently anti-Muslim¬†comments and backing for the new right wing For Britain party. Krishnan has been talking to Johnny Marr about music, politics and Morrissey.