7 Feb 2020

β€˜It’s not just murder, it’s very narcissistic, twisting, ongoing torture’ – Sam Gillingham on not knowing where her mother’s murdered body was left

Social Affairs Editor and Presenter

A bereaved mother has described the “ongoing torture” of seeing her daughter’s murderer released, despite the fact he’s never told police where he left her body.

Helen McCourt was 22 years old when she was murdered by Ian Simms in 1988.

“Helen’s Law” could see killers spend longer in prison if they refuse to reveal where their victims remains are.

It’s expected to pass a second reading in parliament next Tuesday.

But that’s not in time for her mother, Marie McCourt – who campaigned for the law change and saw Simms walk free on Wednesday, just days before the anniversary of the murder.

Earlier I spoke to her – and also with Sam Gillingham, whose father murdered her mother, and has also never disclosed the location of her body.