7 Apr 2024

Israeli government’s ‘moral obligation’ to bring the hostages home is not being fulfilled, says hostage relative

Home Affairs Correspondent

Hard to forget – those images of brutality, massacre and abuse perpetrated by Hamas, a proscribed terrorist organisation, on October the 7th – exactly 6 months ago.

One of the first places subject to attack that morning, as we’ve just heard, was the Nova music festival close to the Gaza-Israel border where thousands were partying at sunrise.

Over 360 people were murdered at the site with many more being taken hostage – some of whom are among the 133 still held in captivity in Gaza. Hamas rampaged through towns, kibbutzim and military bases that day killing 1200 people and taking over 250 hostage – the worst single loss of life in one day in Israel’s history.

Our correspondent Andy Davies has been speaking to Steve Brisley from Bridgend, in south wales. His sister, Lianne, and two teenage nieces, Noiya and Yahel, were killed in the Be’eri Kibbutz. His brother in law, Ellie, was taken hostage. His family, he says, are unable to grieve while they wait day in day out for news of Ellie’s safety.