Contains distressing content.
1 Dec 2023

Israel-Gaza war: Fighting resumes as seven-day truce collapses (Dubbed)

Foreign Affairs Correspondent

Fighting erupted in Gaza again this morning after the collapse of the week-long truce, with both sides blaming each other – while Israel dropped leaflets over the south of the enclave telling civilians to flee.

According to the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry, 178 people have been killed since this morning and hundreds injured – and that in total more than 14,800 people have now died since the war started.

The IDF said it had carried out strikes against 200 targets in Gaza, while more than 50 rockets into Israel were fired by Hamas, designated a proscribed terrorist organisation by the UK.

Israel says 137 hostages are still being held inside Gaza, including at least 17 women and  children.

Be warned – there are distressing scenes in this report by our foreign affairs correspondent Paraic O’Brien.