Contains distressing content.
21 Nov 2023

Inside the Occupied West Bank with Israeli settlers

Foreign Affairs Correspondent

While the world is focused on Gaza, in the occupied West Bank tension is rising and violence is spiralling. UN figures show that since the 7th October, daily attacks by Israeli settlers on the Palestinian population there have more than doubled, forcing more than a thousand off their land.

Israel captured the West Bank after the war in 1967 and it has been under military occupation since. During the Oslo accords in the mid 1990s the land was divided, with some areas administered by the Palestinian Authority. But more than 60% of the land remained under full Israeli control.

Over the decades since then, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have established settlements there, considered illegal internationally – though Israel disputes that.

Our foreign affairs correspondent Secunder Kermani has been to the West Bank to speak to those, whose presence on land internationally recognised as Palestinian, is a fundamental obstacle to a two state solution.

Warning, this report contains violent scenes some might find distressing.