15 Oct 2019

Inside Idlib: Kids scavenging trash for food in Idlib, Syria

Social Affairs Editor and Presenter

As the Turkish offensive continues on the north-east border of Syria, over in the west of the country, Idlib is still living in fear of bombardment by President Assad’s forces on the ground and Russian planes from the air.

As we have shown on this programme, even hospitals and ambulances appear to be seen as legitimate targets in Idlib, the last bastion of the rebellion against the Assad regime.

Besieged Idlib is now controlled in large part by a coalition of jihadi groups and rebels. With more than four million people still trapped there, with limited access to food and medicines, the most vulnerable are the children.

We have been looking at how the youngest victims of war are managing to survive.

The filmmaker is Fadi Al Halabi. Produced by Kamal Kaddourah and Helene Cacace. Edited by Tim Bentham.