12 Jul 2021

Indonesia’s Covid crisis: Record case numbers leave healthcare system near collapse

Foreign Affairs Correspondent

As the number of infections continues to climb here, the Delta variant is seeing cases accelerate across other European countries, too.

Infections have more than doubled in Spain in the last week, to more than 14,000 new cases a day.

The Dutch prime minister has apologised for easing restrictions there too early, with cases rising almost sevenfold in the same period, with measures on hospitality being reimposed two weeks after being lifted.
While Indonesia has recorded more than 40,400 new cases today, the biggest daily jump so far. Another 891 deaths bring its total to more than 67,000 people killed by the virus – more than anywhere else in southeast Asia – and only five per cent of the population in the country have been vaccinated.

This report is from Indonesia, which the International Red Cross says is “on the edge of catastrophe” as its health system is inundated by another wave of the disease.

Camera: Tim Deagle
Field Producer: Sri Kusmiati
Camera assistant: Arfan Saheba