23 Apr 2021

Indian hospitals running out of oxygen as Covid cases rise

International Editor

Oxygen in India’s hospitals is so scarce that patients and relatives have been taking to social media to hunt for canisters and get treatment. The rise in cases highlights the dire situation that the country is in.

After surviving a first wave last autumn, the country hoped it was over the worst, and became one of the largest vaccine exporters in the world, including to the UK. But now it not only has a record number of cases for any one country, but also explosive and ongoing growth, with no sign of where it will end. Today another record number of cases were recorded.

It’s prompted the head of the World Health Organisation to plead with developed countries to share their vaccines and raw materials with India, saying that it’s no longer a test of science, financial muscle or industrial prowess, it is a test of character.

A warning, there are distressing images from the start of this report.