24 Feb 2021

How the new Brexit bureaucracy is putting some UK industries in difficulties

Policy Correspondent

The Brexiteers always boasted that leaving the European Union would result in a bonfire of red tape.

But what’s the reality since we left the transition phase almost two months ago?

One way of summing it up is in a string of F-words: fish, fashion, fun, finance and flowers – all in trouble.

Top clothes designers like Katherine Hamnett have warned that Made in Britain could become a thing of the past.

Our musicians now need visas and paperwork for each EU country they tour through.

Amsterdam last month overtook London as Europe’s largest financial share trading centre.

Flower growers are forced to let their crops rot in the fields and shell fishermen face the stench of rotting oysters and financial ruin.

Today, talks between Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove and the European Commission Vice President made no headway in trying to smooth the flow of goods to Northern Ireland.

We explain how the new Brexit bureaucracy is continuing to clog up many export industries.