29 Dec 2018

Homeless veterans tell their stories

Homelessness in the UK is at record levels according to the housing charity Crisis.

Research from the charity published today suggests 170,000 people are homeless – and for every person sleeping rough, there is another living in a car or a tent.

Every year more than a thousand ex-servicemen and women find themselves homeless. Many veterans struggle to adapt to civilian life, often because of mental health problems.

We went to meet some former soldiers who have struggled.

Update 29/12/18:

We were made aware of Steven – as we believed he was called – by a charity supporting homeless veterans. It has since emerged that he previously went by the same name but with a different spelling and that he has a more complicated past, in addition to what was broadcast.

Under the circumstances, we have decided to remove his story from our website, however we will remain in contact with the charity to ensure that he receives the help that he needs.

The Go-Fund-Me page which was set up for him is no longer accepting donations. All funds received will be shared among two charities that support homeless veterans and refunds are also being offered.