17 Dec 2010

Hate crime attack: ‘I’m left in fear’

As new figures are published showing a rise in hate crimes in the UK, Channel 4 News speaks to one victim who says an attack on him has left him feeling depressed, angry and powerless.

Hate crime attack: 'I'm left in fear'

I was attacked two weeks ago. A guy kicked me and smashed my head in with four bottles.

They were in a carrier bag and fortunately the glass did not pierce my scalp.They shattered on impact and I have a nastly gash. He called me a “black poof”, seven, eight times.

I’m trying to get an injuntion against him with my lawyers, and the Housing Association will take some action – but i am left in fear, really. Every time I go home I have to hold a panic alarm from the Met Police. It just leaves you depressed, angry and powerless.

I am left in fear, really…every time I go home I have to hold a panic alarm.

It was definitely a hate crime – the level of violence used. It’s very difficult to fathom the level of hate inflicted on me that night – I’d been living here for two years, and have had one year of harrassment but the violence was just…it was really appalling. He was overtly homophobic.

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I reported it to the police who have been really good. They come round more, and there’s the alarm, and they presented what they could to the Crown Prosecution Service, but there were no witnesses and the statement he gave – he knew what to say to get him off.

It’s disgusting. I can be bottled, humiliated, and he just walks away? There are people in the world who won’t stand for it.

I’m left scarred on my head, and it’s worse that i was targeted because of who I am – it’s really unjust. I’ve done everything i can do stick up for myself, no one should take have to take this.

The man in this story cannot be named.