17 Jun 2012

Grexit, drachmail and eurogeddon – the new eurozone words

As the eurozone crisis consumes billions of pounds and leaves people fearing for their jobs, it has given people one thing – a totally new vocabulary.

MP David Miliband has already warned us of drachmageddon – the chaos which would be caused to us all by the return of the former Greek currency.

That then leads us to drachmail – the term coined by our own Economics Editor Faisal Islam, which describes Greece’s attempts to secure a better deal from its concerned Euro partners, anxious to save the world from a euro collapse.

If the worst comes to the worst, we could have a Grexodus or Grexit which would see the departure of Greece from the euro currency.

Italy is also feared to be the next troubled country to leave the single currency – which would make it Quitaly.

And what if the entire single currency system collapses? You’ve guessed it, eurogeddon.

The best Channel 4 News can muster today from its own ranks is “Cont-aegean” – but an you come up with any new terms to describe the euro-crisis?

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