Will vaccines finally end the misery of the global Covid-19 pandemic? Three vaccines have been approved for use in the UK and others are in the pipeline. But how safe are they? Who will be vaccinated first? FactCheck cuts through the complexity, spin and misinformation to bring you the truth about vaccines.

FactCheck Q&A: are we on track to hit vaccination targets?  Ministers have insisted the UK is on track to hit a target of offering a Covid-19 vaccine to almost 14 million people by the middle of next month. But questions remain about the supply of vaccines.
Can the UK vaccinate its way out of the Covid crisis? Throughout the pandemic, Paddy Worrall and his award-winning Channel 4 News FactCheck team have crunched the data and the challenged government soundbites, and he joins us today to discuss how to vaccinate a nation.
FactCheck Q&A: why are we delaying second dose of Covid vaccine?  The World Health Organization has said it does not recommend the approach Britain is taking in vaccinating large numbers of people against coronavirus. Should we be worried? 
FactCheck: can you have two different vaccines and is it safe? With two coronavirus vaccines now available in the UK, FactCheck readers have started to ask: is it possible to get the first dose from one manufacturer and the second from another? And is it safe?
FactCheck Q&A: how much coronavirus vaccine do we have? All the evidence suggests the number of vaccine doses available for immediate use falls well short of the 40 million that we were originally supposed to have by this stage.
How did we get coronavirus vaccines so fast? The Covid-19 pandemic has caused global disruption – but conditions also turned out to be perfect for researchers to quickly develop vaccines that protect people against the new virus. Knowledge from previous epidemics meant experts could move fast. And the scale of the crisis meant there was no shortage of money, volunteers or infected cases…
Vaccines: what we know and what we still don’t know The first batch of Pfizer vaccine to arrive in the UK consists of just 800,000 doses, but NHS bosses say they expect to have more by the end of the year.
FactCheck: Brexit did not speed up UK vaccine authorisation In fact, the UK regulator used EU law to authorise the jab.
FactCheck Q&A: how safe is the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine?  The coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford University is under scrutiny after the makers admitted an error had led to different groups getting different doses in clinical trials. 
FactCheck: will the “poorest and neediest” get the coronavirus vaccine in time?   The government has signed up to an international agreement designed to make sure all countries get equal access to coronavirus vaccines at the same time. But it has also said it wants British people to get the new Oxford vaccine first.
FactCheck: everything you need to know about a Covid vaccine  A working vaccine against Covid-19 could be available soon. But have any corners been cut in the race to immunise the world?
FactCheck: confusion over Covid-19 vaccine plans There have been mixed messages recently about how a Covid-19 vaccination programme would be handled.

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