A Channel 4 News investigation reveals a huge Trump campaign data leak, exposing how 3.5 million Black Americans were listed as ‘Deterrence’ - to try to stop them voting in 2016.

Revealed: Trump campaign strategy to deter millions of Black Americans from voting in 2016 3.5 million Black Americans were profiled and categorised as ‘Deterrence’ by Trump campaign – voters they wanted to stay home on election day
How Trump campaign targets millions of white voters – and activates fears over rioting The Trump campaign has been exploiting fears amongst white voters by targeting them with divisive and alarmist messages on social media.
Revealed: Trump’s 2016 campaign wanted 40% of Black voters in Florida not to vote Channel 4 News can reveal how 40% of Black people in Florida were classified as ‘Deterrence’ by Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.
How the Trump campaign is targeting Hispanic voters Voters are being bombarded with messages again – some official – but much of it misinformation and fake news. The Democrats are so concerned they’ve asked the FBI to investigate. 
Donald Trump’s ‘Project Alamo’: an insider speaks out Former staffer speaks for the first time to Channel 4 News about the 2016 digital campaign.
‘It works as a suppression system, it works to subvert the will of the people’ – Professor David Carroll When Professor David Carroll asked for Cambridge Analytica to release the information they held about him, it led to a legal battle and his story being documented in the ‘The Great Hack’ documentary.
Explained: How Trump’s strategy to deter 3.5m Black Americans from voting worked in 2016 In this video, we explain the key facts behind Channel 4 News’ investigation into the tactics of the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign – and why this is the latest battleground in the fight for voting rights. Watch the full investigation here Channel 4 News has exclusively obtained a vast cache of data used by…

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