12 Jun 2020

Exclusive: Black bank manager to sue Metropolitan Police for racial discrimination after 26-month nightmare

Social Affairs Editor and Presenter

The Metropolitan Police have told us they will fully investigate allegations made by Dale Semper, a black bank manager, who says he was wrongfully targeted by officers, and faced accusations of money laundering, terrorism and trafficking in an investigation which lasted more than two years before being dropped with no apology. In this exclusive report, he told Channel 4 News, it has devastated his life.

In response the Metropolitan Police Service say given the potential legal action it would be inappropriate to comment in detail on the case, however, they say:

We have received a letter before action for potential claims against the MPS including race discrimination, malicious prosecution and negligence.

This matter is being assessed and we will be in correspondence with the claimants’ representatives.

The claimants have previously made a formal complaint to the MPS about an investigation into alleged possession of firearms, fraud and money laundering that began in 2017. No charges were bought. The investigation of the complaint was stayed until the conclusion of the criminal investigation but is now being progressed.

Given the complaint and potential legal action, it would be inappropriate to comment in detail on this case. However, we recognise the very serious nature of the allegations made and they will be fully investigated.

The Met works every day in and with communities on an intelligence-led basis to tackle serious crime. Independent Advisory Groups across London give us feedback and advice on a range of issues including race and we listen and learn. Where officers have not acted correctly we will take the appropriate action to ensure the public can continue to have confidence in how we police London.