12 Jul 2021

Everyone believes Trump ‘has gone off his rocker’, says author Michael Wolff

The best-selling author of books charting Donald Trump’s presidency says his “aides, intimates and supporters” believe the former president has “gone off his rocker”.

Michael Wolff, who recently interviewed Mr Trump in his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida for his latest book, told Channel 4 News that the real-estate Tycoon could return to the White House.

He added: “Virtually everyone around Trump – we’re not talking Democrats here, we’re talking Trump aides, intimates and supporters – everyone believes he has gone off his rocker. Let’s not put too fine a point here, they believe he is crazy.

“At the same time he commands, if not a majority of the country, a very substantial minority comes to believe this election is stolen and whose support for him ever hardens.”

Mr Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, caused uproar when it was first published in 2018 as it painted a chaotic picture of Mr Trump’s administration. Mr Trump threatened to sue Mr Wolff and claimed the book contained “lies” and “misrepresentations”.

The author said he was surprised to then get an invite to Mr Trump’s Florida home after the former president heard he was writing another book about him entitled Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency.

Asked if Mr Wolff believes the events he describes in his books ensure Mr Trump could not return to the White House, he said: “No, not in the least.”

He added: “Donald Trump exists in the moment. There’s not a previous moment and there’s not a moment to come.

“It is the moment now.”

On January 6 a mob of pro-Trump supporters gathered in Washington before they marched up to White House and stormed the building.

Mr Trump addressed the crowd on the day and told them he would march with them.

Mr Wolff said: “When he made that speech, it was largely a scripted speech and he went off-script and said I’m going to walk you to the capital. All the aides around him said, what?

“It was not first and foremost that they didn’t have the security prepared for that. It’s first and foremost, what is he talking about? Donald Trump never walks anywhere.”

Mr Trump was later cleared of charges of inciting an insurrection in an impeachment trial.