Contains distressing content.
25 Jan 2022

Ethiopia civil war: Stories of war crimes uncovered in Amhara

Africa Correspondent

Over a year into Ethiopia’s civil war, one of the federal government’s top military commanders says they’re planning on entering Mekelle, the capital of the rebel Tigray region, to – “eliminate” the last of their enemy.

US diplomats flew into Addis Ababa last week, hoping to broker a ceasefire in a conflict which has seen thousands of civilians killed, over two million displaced, and a deadly famine grip Africa’s second most populous nation.

But with the large-scale fighting having receded, the people whose lives have been devastated are now able to tell their stories.

We have gained rare access to the Amhara region, which is once again under government control.

A warning: the stories of war crimes he uncovered there contain very distressing details.