6 May 2015

General election: what we didn’t talk about

The economy, immigration and the NHS were some of the hot topics discussed during the general election – but what were the issues left off the agenda?

Channel 4 News toured the country during the campaign to speak to voters about what really matters to them most.

We went to meet Will Cockbaine, who is a farmer in the Lake District, and Fred Normandale, a retired fisherman from Scarborough to see how Europe is affecting Britain’s rural and coastal communities.

Channel 4 News later went to the Lake District to meet a hotel owner who has done well out of the economic recovery – and his gardener, who is struggling with the cost of living and sky-high house prices.

Channel 4 News ended its tour of Britain speaking to two best friends who have chosen very different paths in life. Callum Jordan – a second year digital media student – and his best friend Jamie Isaacs, who went straight into the world of work.

Filmmakers Jack Warrender and Peter Akar.