15 Oct 2014

Ebola in Liberia – here’s why I’m angry

“This is serious. This is killing us. It’s just too frustrating”. Moses Owen Browne from Plan Liberia tells Channel 4 News that the aid from abroad so far is so small, that it is almost “meaningless”.

“The Ebola situation in Liberia is desperate,” Moses Owen Browne from Plan Liberia told Cathy Newman. “It’s a disaster that no-one in the world would wish to experience.

“We have had sleepless nights, we have had nightmares, and this is killing us. I have lost close friends, school mates, children that I knew, that I taught. Now we are grappling with a situation that is almost far from over.

“I mean, the help is almost… I don’t want to say meaningless, it’s impacting, but on a very low scale. Because there’s not enough Ebola treatment units in the country. We have limited ones. There are people who are taken from their homes to the treatments units and are then sent back home, because there’s no space.

“This is very scary for me, it’s cost me sleepless nights. I’ve had colleagues, friends we worked together before, they have died from Ebola. Some of the reasons they died, is because either they went to the health centre, they were sent back home, they went back for testing, their specimens were collected, they were sent home, later on they showed signs and symptoms, and they went back, and they didn’t make it. They had to die.

“This is serious. This is killing us. It’s just frustrating. It’s just too frustrating. The world must come to our aid immediately.

‘I’m angry… we are just reporting the statistics and the numbers’

“I’m angry. I’m angry because too many people are dying. I’m angry because we need more health centres. I’m angry that there’s not enough health centres to respond to the more than 8,000 cases of people that are infected according to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

“I’m angry because there are people in counties, in rural Liberia who are yet to have direct access to health centres.

“I’m angry because people are dying every day, and we are just reporting the statistics and reporting the numbers.

“I’m angry because we need to reshape our resources to construct more Ebola centres.

“I’m angry because we need to get the orphans, those children who are affected directly: they need to be in a centre. This is something that should be done with immediate effect.”


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