11 Mar 2021

Discussion: Why women feel unsafe on Britain’s streets

Social Affairs Editor and Presenter

“We are tired of having to pre-empt possible violence. Of having to risk assess every ordinary action every day, every hour of our lives”. Labour MP Rosie Duffield speaking to the House of Commons in today’s international womens’ day debate.

She caught the mood of the many posts that have flooded social media in the past few days. Women sharing their fears and experiences of sexual harassment and abuse – who say reassurances from police are not enough.

We speak to Marian FitzGerald, a Visiting Professor of Criminology at the University of Kent, Daniel Guiness, the director of a charity that runs workshops in schools to help boys contribute to improving gender relationships, Labour MP Jess Phillips and Sophia Moreau,  a 26 year old women’s rights campaigner from London.