29 May 2021

Charlie Hanson, producer of Netflix’s ‘After Life’, accused by 11 women of allegations including sexual assault and coercive behaviour

News Correspondent

For almost 40 years Charlie Hanson has been one of the leading producers in British comedy and television. He’s made programmes for a wide range of broadcasters, including Channel 4.

But now he faces allegations of sexual assault and predatory behaviour after 11 women have come forward.

This programme has spoken to 10 of these women who detail claims of sexual abuse and inappropriate advances over years,

BAFTA has since suspended Mr Hanson’s membership saying the alleged behaviour “has no place in our industry”.

Charlie Hanson has categorically denied all these claims and has promised to cooperate with any inquiries.

Our correspondent Minnie Stephenson has this exclusive report.

Reporting by Minnie Stephenson, Girish Juneja and Sophie Wilkinson.