10 Jul 2023

Chad: Inside the border town home to thousands of Sudanese fleeing war

Foreign Affairs Correspondent

Thousands of people have been killed and millions more have been forced to flee their homes in Sudan – since brutal fighting erupted in April between the country’s army and the rebel Rapid Support Forces.

Sudan’s health ministry said an air strike on Saturday, which the army denies, killed at least 22 people in Omdurman.

Khartoum’s sister city has been the scene of heavy fighting in recent weeks as the RSF battles to secure the flow of weapons and reinforcements from Darfur, a vast region in western Sudan from where the rebels have historically drawn their support from mostly Arab militias.

It’s suffered from waves of ethnic violence for decades. The current conflict has led to yet more violence – mostly aimed at civilians from the African Masalit community.

That’s focused in and around West Darfur’s capital El Geneina, which the RSF and their militia now dominate.

Some quarter of a million people have fled into neighbouring Chad, where thousands of refugees are still arriving every day.

Producer: Zahra Warsame
Filmmaker: Mughira Al Sharif