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Census 2011: four in five people in ‘good health’

The latest population data shows that 81 per cent of people in England and Wales consider themselves to be in good or very good health, but one in ten people are carers.

Regionally London had the highest percentage of residents who describe their health as very good. In the capital, 4.1 million people (50 per cent) were in good health, compared to 1.1 million (44 per cent) in the north east.

Wales and the north east of England had the highest percentages people reporting bad or very bad health; 8 per cent (234,000) and 7 per cent (193,000) respectively.

The south east had the smallest percentage of residents reporting to be in either bad or very bad health, 4 per cent (375,000).

Eighteen per cent of people said they had a limiting long-term illness – the same figure as 2001.

One in 10 people in England and Wales say they provide unpaid care for someone with an illness or disability – the same figure as 2001.

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