4 Sep 2012

C4 Class of 2012: the lost generation?

With one million young people unemployed in Britain today, Channel 4 investigates how to create jobs for the Class of 2012 with a live panel debate.

Class of 2012: the lost generation? (G)

Hundreds of thousands of young people left full-time education this summer and are now starting the hunt for their first full time job. But with a stagnant economy and over one million 16-24 year-olds unemployed, could this be the toughest year ever to find a first job?

Graduates are entering a market flooded with job-seekers where experience, rather than qualifications, is now more important to many employers. For school-leavers trying to get their first foot on the jobs ladder, the posts that are available are often temporary and part-time, and unlikely to lead to a career.

Channel 4 is hosting a live event with government experts, think tanks, business leaders and young people to debate why the employment situation is so bad for the Class of 2012 – and what can be done about it.

Could this be the toughest year ever to find a first job?

Hosted by Jon Snow and Economics Editor Faisal Islam on Wednesday 19 September, Channel 4 News will also ask where the responsibility for creating these jobs lies.

With top panellists including David Miliband MP and Justin King, Sainsbury’s CEO, the debate will question whether key employment policies are working and hear from young people on the front line of the dole queue.

Channel 4 News will put your questions to the panel (email c4jobs@itn.co.uk) and will be taking to Twitter and Facebook using the #C4Classof2012 hashtag the week before the event to hear all about your job-seeking experiences.

Recent graduate Myles and school-leaver Chelsie will also be on the Channel 4 panel. They are working with Battlefront, Channel 4‘s award-winning youth campaigning series dedicated to changing the world for young people, as campaigners to tackle youth unemployment.