13 Feb 2013

The return of the nasty party?

The Conservative candidate in Eastleigh, Maria Hutchings has sent out the following email to Tory activists around the country urging them to come and canvass for her in the Eastleigh by-election.

Hutchings (or whoever wrote it for her) writes:

Dear fellow Conservatives,

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped in our by-election already. This is a fantastic opportunity to win a seat for the Conservatives that will be crucial in ensuring that we elect a Conservative Government in 2015.

In the first week we have welcomed help from activists who, in many cases, have covered huge distances to get here. Everyone who turns up is making a real difference to our campaign. I have never stopped working in Eastleigh since I was first selected for the 2010 General Election and I really appreciate the great support you are giving me.

My message of giving Eastleigh a local champion rather than another professional politician is going down really well on the doorstep.

This is a great chance to get over the message that we are;

sorting out Labour’s mess, cutting taxes on hardworking people and tackling the deficit.

Making our welfare system fair so we help those who work hard and want to get on.

Controlling immigration which has been cut by a quarter with a tough target for further cuts which the Lib dems oppose.

Standing up for Britain in Europe and giving the British people a referendum which Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband have opposed.

It is vital that we keep up our vigorous campaign and that we don’t reward the Liberal Democrats who oppose a vote on Europe and our target on immigration.

The Liberal Democrats are desperate to hold onto this seat and they are campaigning hard, so could I please ask you to do all you can to help and encourage others to come to Eastleigh. This is one of the shortest ever by-election campaigns, so we need as much help as possible in order to keep up the momentum we have achieved so far.

We are operating every day and night of the week, with an extra push at weekends. Please bring your friends, family and join the winning team. Please contact my campaign centre, details are on the attached flyer. We can win this campaign and with your help we will get a great result on 28th February.

Many thanks,


Note how much Hutchings’ stresses traditional right-wing issues such as immigration, Europe and welfare, as she tries to distinguish the Tories from their coalition partners. And of course these are also the issues which UKIP has been pursuing relentlessly in recent months, with considerable success.

There’s not a hint of David Cameron’s attempts since 2005 to modernise and “detoxify” his party.

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  1. Hannah Buchanan says:

    Sad really. It’s like we’ve gone back in time.

  2. margaret brandreth-jones says:

    Which exactly of the four proposals here do you find toxic Michael?

  3. Chrissie says:

    If she won, I wonder how long standing up for local isues would last. Tory whips will make her vote on Govt line.

    1. Nathan says:

      Chrissie, the notion that Hutching’s would be ‘forced’ to tow the line by the whips assumes that she actually holds convictions. This is far from a given in modern British politics. The one thing you could safely assume about most members of the three largest parties is that they will pursue a failed neo-liberal economic agenda at the behest of the financial elite, regardless of the general public. Everything else is somewhat less certain!

  4. Pat Vanryan says:

    A truly disgusting right wing neocon bunch ….this lot would be more at home in Germany circa 1938….

    1. Steven says:

      Only in some of their dispicable and vile attitudes ie their continual disgusting implication that the vast majority of the unemployed are ‘skivers’, ‘workshy’,’lazy’ (need I go on?) when the facts don’t bear that out. The reality is both Tory and Labour have created this unemployment problem with their inane fixation with globalist economic policies which have left us with virtually no industrial base whatever and poor longterm economic growth. Now, both of them but particularly the Tories wish to blame the unemployed for the economic situation they created.

      I think the history books tell us that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis actually did get people back to work. Indeed, despite Hitler’s undemocratic methods, his government created a virtual economic miracle something which the Tories and Labour are unable to achieve.

  5. alan smith says:

    ahahahaha the tories have no chance of winning the seat UKIP will have a resounding victory because people have realised what a lying,nasty,evil corrupt bunch of wasters this government are and we need real change from the usual three parties so now is the time to put real down to earth people in charge.

  6. skipjack says:

    this minor bit of by-election prattle raises the question of whether the nasty party has returned? i think for most of us that question has already been answered by ATOS, the bedroom tax, tuition fees, benefit cuts for the needy and tax cuts for the rich. Please junk this soft touch “journalism” and hold these vampires to account for the things they have already done.

  7. David says:

    I reckon Tony Blair should come back despite his past failures. Kick everybody’s head in (not literally) and get what needs to be done, done. That is one of the reasons people voted for him so much because he delivered. Afterall we did keep in office for what? 13 years that should mean something to everyone.

  8. Ross Kelly says:

    The Lib Dems are the Nasty party’s coalition partner … as she clearly proves.

  9. Greg Webb says:

    Amusing to hear her campaigning for ‘the vote on the EU the LibDems don’t want’ when its been LD policy to have a vote next time anything of substance changed since at least 2008 :-)

    1. Steven says:

      I hope people aren’t so naive to fall for this pathetic Tory trick. If the Tories are such staunch believers in our right to have a referendum to determine whether we should be an independent nation-state again then why the delay? We can hold that referendum a month or so BEFORE the next election. It is very easy for any government to promise a referendum when they know they aren’t going to be in a position to honour it.

  10. AndrewP says:

    I thought this was about Labour. Their immoral rigging of immigration, benefits and boundries to give them votes means that they are truly the nasty party. Maybe they should be called the LIAR party.

  11. Sam says:

    Appealing to people sense of distrust and bitternes to less fortunates members of their community is really the lowest common denominator. But I suppose that nasty narrow minded little Britains do espouse hatfull tory rhetoric. It’s not stupid to be conservative but most stupid people are conservative, and unfortunately a lot of them vote……….politics…….Yuck!!!!!

  12. cn says:

    I don’t see the big problem is. At least they are trying to reform welfare where the bill is completely out of hand. I’m all for helping people but so many people are taking advantage of the system. The government need to concentrate on ensuring there is an incentive fpr young people to work hard and get jobs but show why this is a good idea. At the moment what is the point as young people who work hard can’t afford a place to live or any small luxurys in life whilst others who don’t try and live on benefits get nice homes and free money. No wonder people don’t want to work. At least the coalition are trying to make a difference. All these left wingers need to have a think about that and also look where they came from. It needs to be about working and bettering yourself if you can to reap rewards.

    1. sue_m says:

      You’re all for helping people but so many are taking advantage of the system? How many is ‘so many’ and what do you base that on? Did the Daily Mail tell you or do you have actual statistics. If you want to help people perhaps you can suggest how to create the jobs that are needed for all those young people who need ‘encouraging’ into work.
      You must be the nasty party’s dream voter.

  13. English Lady says:

    And what exactly is wrong with right wing values. Why should immigration and Europe not be discussed? How is it that you lot on the left classify anybody who differs from your opinion is a racist bigot? That is the implication is it not? Get real and realise that most ordinary people in this country regardless of political background want immigration addressed with urgency. Like it or not. Fact. Realism not racism

    1. Steven says:

      If I was a voter in Eastleigh, I would probably vote for the Englsih Democrat candidate. They want to take Britain out of the EU but they have a more balanced economic policy than the ultra-Thatcherite globalists of UKIP.

  14. Ray Turner says:

    The one that makes me laugh is “making the welfare system fair”.

    My recent experience, after working 47 hour weeks solidly for 34 months, without a single day off sick, is that I didn’t even qualify for contributions based JSA when I left that employment. That’s despite the last two financial years being full qualifying years for NI purposes. I’m still waiting for a response to the dispute that I lodged with the Benefits Agency…

    It is outrageous really.

    The Government seems to interpret the word “fair” as best suits their agenda…

    1. cn says:

      No one qualifies for jsa if they leave a job you have to get sacked.

    2. Steven says:

      The Tories wouldn’t know the meaning of the word ‘fair’ when related to the subject of welfare if it went up to them and hit them in the face. What is ‘fair’ about blaming the unemployed for their unemployment and calling them all ‘workshy’, ‘lazy’, ‘shirkers’ blah, blah, blah? It is due to Tory economic idiocy in the 1980’s and Labour’s more recently that we have such a vast unemployment crisis. Put simply, neo-liberal and globalist economics has failed this country

      Also, I would wish that Iain Duncan-Smith and others would stop equating JSA with wages when there are significant differences between them.

  15. Alasdair says:

    Um, this was an internal email meant for Tory activists. Of course it’s going to emphasise right-wing values, what do you expect? She’s trying to get right-wingers to support her! (Which is a sensible strategy in this by-election anyway, given that she needs to appeal to those who are thinking of voting UKIP.) There is a time and a place to adopt a more centrist, ‘detoxified’ message, but this isn’t it.

  16. Robert Taggart says:

    Am sure there be issues with which one would take umbrage over, but, none of those mentioned from the ‘real’ Tories.

    To quote the great Peter Kellner from a recent Economist piece – when it comes to the crunch people prefer “mean but smart over nice but dim”. If the LieDums and Liebore are not the latter – what are they ?!

  17. Philip says:

    Time for some facts. 1. The main reason for increased welfare spending is old age pensions. 2. A high proportion of people receiving working age benefits have worked or wish to work, but the jobs aren’t available (thanks to successive Governments’ economic & industrial policies). The so-called “skivers” are a small proportion of claimants….& cutting benefits beyond a certain stage won’t get people back into work where there isn’t any (which is why the effects of housing benefit cuts in some areas is unhelpful) & risks increasing petty crime. 3. The Conservative party supported the Labour Government spending plans explicitly until 2008 when it was obvious to all that there was an eceonomic crisis. If they had been in Government, the “mess” would have been the same. 4. Labour hasn’t rigged immigration or electoral boundaries. The changes which have affected these have been caused by events largely beyond Government control & expectations. Virtually all EU immigrants come here as of right & to work, not to vote Labour or seek benefits. Many non-EU workers are needed to supply skills lacking in the UK (ask Boris Johnson). Other non-EU immigrants have families here. If you emigrated to Australia to work, but wree told your family couldn’t join you, how would you feel?
    My point is that politicians – of all parties, including UKIP – tell us (a) what they hope will appeal to us and (b) too much that is misleading, not based on evidence (c) make promises they know they can’t deliver on and (d) polarise the debate. This may get them elected, but it doesn’t help the UK solve our many problems, because the voters’ expectations are raised while their understanding of what has to be done to solev these problems is reduced through oversimplification & being misled. Most of our problems need to be solved through a wifder range of discussion than one politician slagging another off & then imposing their set of policies on an area of our lives – e.g.. health, education, welfare, etc – which are based, at best, on partial evidence & are then changed by the next lot.

    1. cn says:

      I agree with your last points. It seems all politicians are the same, no matter what party they are from.

  18. Alan says:

    The Tories have nothing to offer except many more years of austerity for the British people. It’s a worn-out policy that people have become weary of hearing and they now require a positive and constructive agenda for the future. Only UKIP appear to offer any real hope in that direction.

  19. Nathan says:

    The return of the Nasty Party? Only a fool would genuinely believe it had ever gone away. Unfortunately, it seems that there a just enough such fools around to allow the Tories to gain power and force the UK through an ideological grinder without any real mandate.

  20. C.E says:

    When are we going to get an update from Michael on the Pleb Gate saga it seems to have gone very quiet on the subject.I thought that Andrew Mitchell would have kept up the pressure for a complete exoneration

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