9 Dec 2013

Why, after Mandela, many Afrikaners fear a Boer bloodbath

Lettie Nel’s face told a story. She’d been repeatedly pistol-whiped with a Magnum revolver, then punched in the face and then hit over the back of the head as she lay on her floor, wrists tightly bound by electrical cable. You can pick out the individual finger and knuckle marks in the photographs on the old lady’s cheeks.


Lettie Nel is an 86-years-old widow who lives alone on the 1,800 hectare family cattle farm she still manages – with the help of a few local farm hands. She was attacked in her own home early on Tuesday 11 November, when intruders burst in as she powered off her eight-foot-high electric perimiter fence.

“They threw me down on the ground and they tried to pull my pants down and I started screaming and the next thing, they took out their knife and put it next to my throat,” she told me. “When I screamed, the one hit me on my face and they hit me with a revolver on my head.

“They told me they were going to kill me. I was sure it was going to happen. I knew they would do it because they would do it with other people without any reason whatever.”

“They” certainly have. Across South Africa, more than 10 farms are attacked every week. Afrikaner farmers are being killed at four times the national murder rate – which is already one of the highest in the world. Over the two decades since Nelson Mandela was elected this country’s first black preseident, around 3,500 have been killed. On the very day he died, an 84-year-old Afrikaner woman was murdered in her own home, held down and drowned in her bath.

‘He can’t control the people any more’

Now that Nelson Mandela’s dead too, many Afrikaners fear a Boer bloodbath.

I asked Lettie Nel whether she felt less safe since his passing. “Definitely,” she said. “He had contol over the whole country,” she explained, “and people respected him. And now he’s not there, he can’t contol the people any more.”

About a million whites are said to have upped and left South Africa for good over the past two decades, many believing the country was going to the dogs. About 4.5 million remain, just over half of them Afrikaners.

Today, they feel about as unloved and vulnerable as their voortrekker ancestors must have done in the mid-19th century. At the vast monument to the voortrekker “heroes” built with black labour by the apartheid regime just outside Pretoria, I met a man who believes farm attacks are an orchestrated, racially motivated attempt to drive whites from the land.

Like many Afrikaners I’ve talked to, Willie Cloete uses terms like “genocide” and “extinction” – but offers no evidence at all that there are any dastardly plans afoot to dispatch the Boers. Last weekend Mr Cloete set up a new party, the Front Nationaal, which already claims 66,000 members. They want to address Afrikaner concerns constitutionally and get MPs into parliament.

The FN’s manifesto is predicated on apartheid of a new-old variety: they want to establish a separate Boer republic so they can live in peace. “Would black people be allowed to live there?” I asked. “They’d be welcome,” he said. “We are not racists.”

Isolated farmsteads

But the fears articulated by Afrikaner conservatives are not borne out by the facts. Independent studies have concluded that 90 per cent of attacks on white farms are just robberies.

Dr Johan Burger, of Pretoria’s Institute of Security Studies, is South Africa’s former commissioner of police. An Afrikaner himself, he disparages any notion that racism underpins the attacks on white farms. Isolated farmsteads are soft targets and offer rich pickings for thieves, he says, and because the vast majority of South Africa’s 32,000 commercial farmers are white, that’s why they’re the victims.

He says that when you delve deeper, it turns out that most of the victims of violence and rape are actually the black farm workers themselves.

“People are murdered and families destroyed,” Dr Burger says. “A lot of emotions are invoked and this creates the opportunity for those who wish to project for political purposes.”

Resentment runs deep

Among those accused of the sort of incendiary rhetoric which fuels the perception that the Afrikaners are under attack is Julius Malema, a firebrand populist politician who was expelled from the ruling African National Congress. Today, his Economic Freedom Fighters advocate the sorts of land repossession, redistribution and nationalisation policies advocated by his self-proclaimed hero, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

One of his policy strategists is the radical writer Andile Mngxitama, who says resentment of rich whites runs deep among those who believe they’re entitled to reclaim what was stolen from them in the first place. He laughs when I tell him that Afrikaners fear genocide.

“There has been genocide and violence against black people, created by white people,” he says. “South Africa was created on blood, mass murder, and dispossesion of farms or of mines.

“You are going to have to go back to the original programme: land redistribution, nationalisation of the mineral resources, democratisation of the economy. You have to take from white people to distribute to the black majority.”

I said he sounded like Robert Mugabe.

“Absolutely,” he said. “Robert Mugabe is a great example of what you must do, with some lessons of course.

With South Africa’s Great Reconciliator, Nelson Mandela, now gone, there are those who say the honeymoon’s over for South Africa’s Afrikaners. Today racial fault-lines lie exposed again, but the spectre of a Mugabe-style future is actually the stuff of both black and white nightmares.

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15 reader comments

  1. JoeThePimpernel says:

    Robert Mugabe drove out or murdered all the white farmers to “redistribute” their land and now Zimbabwe is starving.


  2. J9 says:

    I am a white in South Africa and terrified in this current time; but all we have to do is be prepared and wait.
    No armes; but in unity we can fight back if we must.
    We have no where to flee; this our country too you know!!

    1. Peter says:

      White people need to stop assuming blacks will not massmurder the Whites.
      I just hate the fact, that everyone saw Mandela as this “big hero, freedomfighter and peaceful man”, in fact, he was NOT!
      He was responsible for the killings of white AND black!
      If you didn not agree with the ANC as a black man, u were “necklaced” (look it up!)..
      So blacks give little about the value of life, to both black and white!
      The world is blind to what Mandela was en what is really happening in SA!
      Tourists get shown the nice safe places in SA… And hear the typical ‘look at the poor black man’s house and look at the huge white mansions” story…
      Just youtube “Mandela sings about kill the Whites”, and see how he encourages Blacks to kill Whites….
      Propaganda to the extreme! Even the current president gladly sings “bring me my machine gun song, kill the Whites, kill the Boers”…
      And then, you have people, like Obama shaking his hand???????

      Rest of the world… HELP SA!! Recognize that there is a genocide going on in SA!!!!!

  3. Gemma says:

    ”South Africa was created on blood, mass murder, and dispossession of farms or of mines.”

    This guy is insane and clueless.

    Blood? Maybe but blacks spilled just as much if not more.
    Mass murder? Not even close – if that was true how the hell did the black population grow tenfold (from 4 million to over 40 million) in about 100 years?
    Dispossession of farms? That’s rich seeing as the black tribes were nomadic and had never actually cultivated any area. the most they knew about farming was to keep a couple of goats, sheep or cows to buy wives with.
    Mines? Please – now that is just funny. the blacks didn’t even know that there were minerals there let alone that they were worth anything. And even if they had known they didn’t have any idea on how to extract it, smelt it, shape it or what to do with it afterwards.

    All of these entitled blacks only want land that has been developed because they are too lazy and unintelligent to actually develop their own land (see the 41% of the country that was allocated to them as homelands as well as the farms that have been redistributed lying fallow stripped of every item worth a few Rand).

    They all seem to think that they had all of the lovely infrastructure that the white man brought and the knowledge and expertise and skill when in actual fact they were living on the fringes of the stoneage and hadn’t yet progressed past using the most basic of tools. They didn’t even have the wheel or a written language so that alone proves their lack of ambition.

    And a final note when they say that the country was built on the backs of the black man which means they are the owners I simply give the following example which shuts them up:
    If you, a black man, pays a contractor to build a house. You pay for the labour, the architects and engineers and marterials and land etc and yet have others doing the hard work – do you own that house or do the labourers who built it own it?

    1. mardun says:

      You are so right! But people don’t want to know the truth about South Africa. Black people will always be regarded as the underdog, until long after they have destroyed what they inherited.

    2. Hanno says:

      That’s so much bullshit. The history you know is a lie, the Khoi, San and Nguni Nations traded gold with each other and knew how to do all the things you mention above that you believe they didn’t know or do. Mozambique is a perfect example of gold exchange between the Indigenous Khoikhoi, San and Nguni Nations – that was hidden away or destroyed under the apartheid rule. Stop spreading these lies, you claim to be Afrikaner but don’t even know that the first people who originally referred to themselves as Afrikaners[search Oude Ram Afrikaner] are the so-called coloureds(a term giving to them under the under the apartheid rule) which is actually also the Indigenous people of this country. Now to answer your question about the labourer and owner – you never paid the African people for what they have done.

  4. Henri Le Riche says:

    The Nelson Mandela of 1995 was willing to still die for his ideals. Sadly in 2013 he was too old to uphold those values. South Africa of 2013 is far from that place. It actually angered him that the ANC he created, the government of South Africa, is now everything he fought against.

    With an end to this man’s legacy, we enter a new era where the world will see what they’ve been ignoring. It’s the beginning of the end of the ANC (African National Congress)

  5. Adriana Stuijt says:

    I fear that the author is not properly informed on the true extent of the sadistic violent attacks which Afrikaners and indeed also English-speaking whites and SA Indians are being targeted with. Perhaps the author should consult an archive which maintains the most up-to-date details on the subject, with the photographs, the pagegrabs and the URL links to these incidents. It is very clear that the excessive and unnecessarily cruel violence and torture accompanying these attacks carried out by young black males is way out of proportion to the small items which are supposedly ‘robbed’. The SA Police Statistics are no help: they do NOT provide demographic details on these murderers nor their victims. But it’s easy enough to ‘tease out’ the facts behind the meaningless headlines, it just takes a bit of extra work. Amazingly, most individual police officers are more than willing to speak about the horrors they encounter in the homes of white murder- and attack victims. They just don’t want their names on record for fear of losing their jobs.. and there are many other sources also consulted, including the crews cleaning these homes afterwards, the religious ministers burying the victims, the paramedics who have to scoop them up and have to try and save their lives… the relatives, and the survivors. And luckily, there still are many SA journalists who courageously report these facts, although they are barred from providing demographic details by their news publications. There also are many reports of the vile hatespeech used against SA whites even by the most senior ANC-regime leaders. Together, these reports all form part of a pattern – of approaching genocide. http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports

    1. RM says:

      You said:
      “the excessive and unnecessarily cruel violence and torture accompanying these attacks carried out by young black males is way out of proportion to the small items which are supposedly ‘robbed’”.

      I find interesting your post, and what you say may be true (I sadly think it is at some degree), but that sentence is so absurd it amazes me it comes from someone who seems to think reasonably. Do you think it’s more logical that robbers use unnecessarily cruel violence and torture when they rob more money? Strange reasoning. I suppose you don’t really think that and it was a mistake.

      I would also like to know how black robbers rob black people in SA, in case they may be always equally brutal.

      1. Adriana Stuijt says:

        Excessive and cruel violence: includes stripping victims of their skins while alive, cutting off their libs and sexual parts, stabbing them, burning them for hours, stabbing the women with cut-glass in their vaginas and anuses, picking babies up by their heads and firing bullets through their heads, gang-raping male and female victims. All these incidents are being recorded during murders and torture-attacks against white farmers. The sadism displayed by these young black males – most were born after apartheid – is so shocking that the SA police often will not publish the details in their crime reports. One hears of these acts of torture only if these sadist torturers are captured and testimony is heard in courtrooms from forensic scientists and investigating police officers. That someone would question those facts, I can well understand because no-one really wants to know them –, but that someone declares that I am not of sound mind when describing these recorded facts — I cannot understand. The ANC regime is censoring the sadistic nature of the murders of Afrikaners in South Africa by refusing to even publish the numbers who were murdered in their police statistics – and they haven’t maintained any farm-attack records since 2005. They are moreover hiding many murders, with the SAPS not reporting these in their daily crime reports to the local news media unless relatives and friends of the victims publish these facts themselves. This deliberate censorship by the ANC regime is puzzling – to say the least – unless they have something to hide. Which they clearly do.

  6. ralegas says:

    Lots of blah blah blah bandied about herein from the flat earth descendents about the state of the Azanian nation. the azanians owe the afriklaners absolutely NOTHING!!!
    In fact, the azanians would be wise and best served were they to adopt some western civilization tactics when it comes to the afriklaners. Modeling reforms and such
    along the lines of dixieMerica, the azanians should gerrymander the voting, eminent domain the property and allocate lower amounts of tax dollars to afriklaner schools.

    Of course the azanians should dole out cash in the form of subsidies for Azanian businesses and farms just like is done in the midwest klansas un kansas region. Lots
    of things the Azanians need to do but so long as they aren’t detoured into a hoover/bush recession… This would most certainly gain the approval of the blah blahs
    who have so much to spew about when the humane topic is dark continent and its politically naive populous.

  7. jan says:

    The whole rhetoric of Apartheit being unjust and causing the africans to be poor is a false argument once studied in greater depth, but it was convenient to the liberation leaders to see it that way,there was a fat payday waiting for the struggle leaders, once liberation was achieved.Now the poor masses are feeling cheated by it all , and are rising up against those very same liberation leaders, there deceit is starting to be exposed, they cannot , make good on their easily given promises, so they are poltically bancrupt, and the way out of that predicament is to find scapegoats,blame the whites, and all other (so called foreignors) so the last stage towards anarchy is being entered, the slide towards murder, mayhem and total destruction! God help us!

  8. Daniel Girald says:

    On a sidenote, more blacks have been violently murdered during the 20-year “democracy” than during the 49_year Apartheid. Unemployment ratios among blacks have also been higher in spite of the clearly anti-white “affirmative actions”. ANC and Malema serem to be following Hitler’s steps in a very accurate way, blaming another race for the lazyness and entitlement mentality of the average Joe, and also acting a bit like Hugo Chávez did in Venezuela by allowing the crime ratio to increase and thus making their opponents feeling kinda vulnerable.

    Denying the current genocide against white South Africans is one of the major mistakes of the “politically-correct” mainstream media which seems too afraid of eventually be deemed “racist” for exposing the awful truth.

  9. Nat Turner says:

    It would seem that hysteria is setting in now amongst some White South Africans,
    with interested right wing hate groups and individuals from the USA fanning the flames.
    The following points are given in the light that
    there are groups who have participated in acts of terror and
    others who threaten it in regard to majority rule in Azania – South Africa,
    in particular over the issue of land.
    We are even being foresworn the “biggest blood river in African history”
    should any attempt at land reform be made.
    “Today, only around 36,000, predominantly white commercial farmers are
    responsible for providing 95 percent of South Africa’s locally-produced food”
    The above figure proves the point I have been making,
    The various groups bellowing about “White genocide” in South Africa,
    talk of the murder of 85,000 farmers in the last 20 years.
    No matter how quick dead farmers were being replaced,
    that figure could never be sustained.
    My argument is that these recalcitrant elements,
    the unrequited heirs to apartheid,
    are politicking for a Boer homeland,
    which they feel they were denied at “independence” in t1994.
    The exaggerating of the figure for the number of murdered farmers is
    Genocide Agitation for the creation of a Whit’s only state.
    I have repeatedly said “No Boer Homeland – Not Now – Not Ever”,
    be that in Azania – South Africa or anywhere else on the continent.
    Our X masters need to be educated on that fact and help us build one united country.

  10. Nel van Dyk says:

    There should be power sharing in Suid-Afrika. Let the whites hold the position of the Presidency, the Economy, the Judiciary, the Education, and the National Defense. Plus the Springboks rugby, cricket, and field hockey teams must be held by whites and coloureds while maintaining the Afrikaner identity.

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