9 Jun 2010

Petraeus calls

A short blog to start the day. I’m just off on the bike to chair an intriguing session for the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

Don’t often get the call from the military. But two very special guests today: Generals David Petraeus (US) and Peter Wall (UK) are to speak and interact with an audience.
Both have Iraq experience, both are now key players in the deployment of forces in Afghanistan.

But Petraeus is of particular interest in that as Obama’s key military mind he has thought deeply about US policy in the Middle East. He has raised questions about the balance of US interests and the way its relationship with Israel is handled. In the aftermath of the Gaza flotilla debacle he may have interesting things to say.

I shall blog later about what the generals have to say and the experience of sitting amid such military might.

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  1. adrian clarke says:

    Well i hope your illustrious speakers do not overwhelm you Jon.I hope you can show a little bias as to why our troops are in Afghanistan and why we should be supporting yet another dangerous American adventure

  2. Margaretbj says:

    Have just been swimming to remove excess pounds of debilitating, parasitic adiposity aqcuired as a result of indulgence in the modern way of thinking.

    Sounds an interesting discussion and perhaps you will gain more insight into tactics and motivation, not only using present moves but relating it to your own families historical activities.. moves on a chessboard and all that sort of stuff.

  3. Aina Bergvall says:

    Hi there – long time no hear. I would like to consult you in a professional matter. Wouldn´t mind to be updated on life in general either … Could you drop me a line indicating when I could call you, and where?
    best, aina

  4. Jim Flavin says:

    Generl Petreus has apparently some new thoughts about the realtionship between USA and Israel – but what effect they will have on the Politicins is a bit more doubtful – close to Nil I would suspect – despite what Obama might say . The US appears to live in some strnge state of Denial – which is not surprising when one considers that near 40 % of population depnd on one well known large news cahnnle . i saw some of their coverage on Flotilla attack – it was more like a crazed circus act . In every aspect they defended Israel actions – could hardly be called a News Channel – more a propagnda channel – and the next most watched news cahnnel in USA runs along similar lines . Ironically the USA at the same time has many freedoms etc – even freedom to put out news like that – which they may be entitled to do – but that so many belive such tripe in that most powerful of Nations – I find that depressing .

  5. paul begley says:

    I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised – the nature of their work tends to produce a tendency to confront reality, warts and all, in the military.

  6. LadyRoisin says:

    Just when will someone bring up Israels US-gifted Nuclear warheads…we all know they have them. is this why the US blindly follows Israel? Maybe the Generals will ‘out’ Israel on this one?

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