24 Mar 2009

Meetings with remarkable men (cont.)

Sauntering past the west wing of the White House this morning, having passed the Photoshop store on the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue, I ran into Barack Obama in a rather smart, roundish office.

Dream on, McDuff!

Barack Obama meets Jon Snow

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  1. Amir Sadeh says:

    Even if the source photo wasn’t still on the blog (http://blogs.channel4.com/snowblog/2009/03/12/the-president-and-the-cameraman) the biggest clue is the choice of tie! For it to be more convincing photoshop in one of Jon’s ties next time!

  2. Keith Garner says:

    The boring tie gives it away John!

  3. Hugh says:

    Surely it’s the tie that really gives the game away…

  4. Britt_W says:

    Looks very authentic.
    Try Photo-shopping on a bit of cross-dressing for your next attempt! ‘When Jonna met Baracka..’

  5. acko says:

    It’s not just the tie that gives it away. The whole picture is a bit lame, looks like cardboard cut-outs. Jon, what was that stick for at the end of last Wednesday’s show ?

  6. Christopher says:

    This looks Photoshopped. Jon, are you fibbing? Well, at least you look ravishing in the pic..xx

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