27 Mar 2013

The anguish of Cyprus in the words of its people

I’ve been here for most of the past fortnight watching this island turn into a dramatic laboratory for financial collapse.

The impact on people has been rather heart-wrenching. People keep on coming up to me and the Channel 4 News team at parades, protests, on the Green Line, wherever, with their stories.

I wanted to share longer versions than is possible on our news programme. Please watch.

Stella, a mum, and a worker at the Bank of Cyprus who I met inside the HQ at a rally against interference from the Central Bank:

Rebecca, mum of three, a teacher from Larnaca, at the Greek Independence Day parade, whose daughter was on the parade, who felt that it should have been cancelled, on her fears for the future of her children:

Christina, Helen and Andrea, high school kids, protesting on a 3,000 strong march of Cyprus’s young, who left classes at 11am yesterday on a Twitter/ Facebook organised demo at the Presidential Palace: