Ciaran Jenkins , Scotland Correspondent

Ciaran Jenkins is the Scotland Correspondent for Channel 4 News.

He covers a wide range of stories, from home and social affairs to sport and technology. He has reported exclusively for Channel 4 News on international phone hacking scams and police racism.

Ciaran joined Channel 4 News in 2012 from the BBC, where he had specialised in politics and then education. During his time at the BBC he broke a series of exclusives on bogus academics and visa fraud, for which he won a number of awards.

  • 25 Aug 2018

    Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s release on Thursday after two and half years in a Tehran prison surprised her family and allowed her to be reunited with her daughter Gabriela.

  • 23 Aug 2018

    The British people don’t trust the media and think most newspapers just turn out fake news – Jeremy Corbyn has claimed – as he set out his ideas for a shake-up of the news industry. The Labour leader told the Edinburgh television festival he wanted to reduce the power of “media bosses and owners” –…

  • 21 Aug 2018

    Labour is ready and on an election footing. So says Jeremy Corbyn, as he continued his tour of Scotland, declaring that Scottish voters would kick the Conservatives out of Downing Street. But the Labour leader wouldn’t say whether he thought Britain would be better off outside the European Union.

  • 20 Aug 2018

    Promising an “industrial renaissance”, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has begun a four-day visit to Scotland, aimed at reviving the party’s fortunes north of the border. Mr Corbyn said a Labour government would put more public investment into key industries and create more jobs, but would that involve clashing with the European Union over state aid rules? We have been to…

  • 15 Aug 2018

    It’s meant to be a celebration of literature and artistic freedom, but at least a dozen authors who were supposed to feature at this month’s Edinburgh International Book Festival have had difficulties securing visas from the Home Office, including writers from Africa and the Middle East. Festival organisers said they’d been forced to go through a “Kafkaesque”…

  • 12 Aug 2018

    From the statue of Cecil Rhodes in Oxford to the confederate statues in the U.S., there’s a growing debate about the removal of monuments dedicated to controversial men. But in Edinburgh, rather than removal, the council has agreed to add more details to one of its most prominent statues – Henry Dundas – and his…

  • 7 Aug 2018

    Theresa May meets Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, in Edinburgh. 

  • 2 Aug 2018

    Well, how’s it going down with mortage holders? Traditionally any hike is bad news for those with variable rate deals. Our Scotland Correspondent, Cairon Jenkins has been to meet some house buyers in Glasgow

  • 30 Jul 2018

    More than 4,000 people work in Scotland’s carnival yards; families whose heritage goes back centuries. Many of them live in Glasgow, but say they are being pushed out by the city’s fast moving regeneration – including in Govan, where a £17 million development is being built. We’ve been to meet the people who’ve been providing…

  • 27 Jul 2018

    From the fringes to the official US ballot paper. This year, there are white supremacists, conspiracy theorists and extremists among those attempting to run for office – as Republicans. Perhaps the most shocking among them is Arthur Jones, the former leader of the American Nazi Party, who is gunning for a seat in the suburbs…

  • 25 Jul 2018

    He’s fighting a trade war on several fronts and one of them is European. Donald Trump has said he sees the EU as “a foe” and he once dubbed the head of its Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, “a brutal killer”. Today the two men met at the White House. The main topic on the table was…

  • 8 Jun 2018

    Scotland’s first Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said she’ll make a decision on a second independence referendum only when there’s clarity over Britain’s exit from the EU. Speaking on the first day of the SNP’s spring conference in Aberdeen, she wouldn’t put a figure on the start-up costs of independence.

  • 1 Jun 2018

    Its rugged landscapes have provided the backdrop to many a Hollywood blockbuster, but as the worldwide fame of the Hebridean island of Skye continues to rise, it risks joining the likes of Venice, Barcelona and Amsterdam as a tourist hotspot in danger of being overrun. Now new figures show the scale of private houses and…

  • 25 May 2018

    An independent Scotland could end up keeping the pound for several years while preparing to move over to its own currency, according to a report commissioned by the SNP. The Sustainable Growth Commission, set up to investigate the country’s future economic prospects, aims to show how Scotland could go it alone, but opponents say there’s…

  • 18 May 2018

    It’s been estimated that a thousand highly-skilled migrants, among them doctors, teachers and entrepreneurs, have been told to leave the country under measures intended in part to expel terrorists and war criminals. In some cases migrants have found themselves with 14 days to leave the UK after making amendments to their tax returns. The campaign…