20 Mar 2014

Tories trounced on Twitter over beer and bingo poster

The Conservatives have been hit with a Twitter “takedown” after a “patronising” advert on how the Budget 2014’s beer and bingo cuts help “hardworking people”.

Beer and Bingo poster

The advert, tweeted by a number of Conservatives including Grant Shapps (see below) and Chancellor George Osborne (who has since deleted his tweet) read: “Bingo! Cutting the bingo tax and beery duty to help hardworking people do more of the things they enjoy.”

Labour responded by saying the advert shows that the “Tory mask has slipped.”

Jon Ashworth, Labour’s shadow cabinet office minister, said: “This patronising advert shows again how out of touch David Cameron’s government is. The Tory mask has slipped and revealed a party stuck in the past and only comfortable standing up for the privileged few.”

In the budget announcement on Wednesday, Goerge Osborne announced bingo duties would be cut from 20 per cent to ten per cent, and said a penny would be knocked off the price of a pint.

And there has also been a vociferous response on Twitter, including the #torybingo hashtag which has been trending in the UK.