10 Apr 2023

Britain “not close” to being “racially just society” says damning report

Social Affairs Editor and Presenter

“Britain is not close to being a racially just society”.

That is the damning conclusion of a new report that claims to be the most comprehensive review of racial inequality here in decades.

A team of researchers from across the UK surveyed more than 14-thousand people from across 21 ethnic groups, and found 35% of respondents from minority backgrounds had experienced some form of racist assault – either physical or verbal.

That was far higher for those from groups including Jewish and some Black backgrounds and higher still for Traveller people – 62% of whom were found to have been racially assaulted.

29% of people from ethnic minority backgrounds reported racial discrimination in both education and employment.

We speak to Jason Arday, who’s a Professor of Sociology of Education at the University of Cambridge.