27 May 2019

Brexit Party comes out on top in EU elections – ahead of Labour and Conservatives

It was one of the most remarkable elections this country has ever seen, with both Labour and Tories having historically abysmal results.

In last Thursday’s European election, Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party topped the poll with nearly 32% – beating UKIP’s 27% share achieved five years ago. Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats came second with 20%, their best-ever result in a European Election. But what does it mean?

Parties advocating a clean or no-deal Brexit, if you tot them up, got nearly 35% and those advocating Remain got more than 40% – leaving only Labour and the Conservatives in the middle who both officially in this election advocated a compromise, negotiated Brexit.

Both of what we used to call the “main parties” will now come under huge pressure to pick a side.