16 Jun 2014

Beauty in older women – photos

Photographer Edo Zollo captures the beauty of women, aged 67 to 79, who feature in Love and sex when we’re over 60 – tonight on Channel 4 News.

Edo Zollo has photographed women across the UK aged 67-79 aiming to challenge perceptions of older age. He said “older women are either invisible or presented as grandmas, frail or ill. This project aims to show a positive view of ageing.”

Beauty in older women - Joyce, 74

Joyce, 74

Beauty in older women: Vikki, 70

Vikki, 70

Beauty in older women: Margaret, 67

Margaret, 67

Beauty in older women: Solange, 79

Solange, 79

Myra, 67

Myra, 67

Edo Zollo is an Italian photographer based in London. Beauty in Older Women shows at Craft Central, Clerkenwell, 7-13 July.