1 Sep 2014

Ashya King’s brother: ‘We’re afraid for his health’

Exclusive: The brother of Ashya King, the boy with a brain tumour taken from hospital by his parents, says in an interview with Channel 4 News that he fears his health may deteriorate.

Ashya King’s brother Naveed has spoken of his heartbreak at not being able to see him.

“We’re not allowed to go and see Ashya at all. There is police standing outside his hospital room.

“We are not allowed to go and see him. We have tried to call the hospital but they are not revealing any information at all to us.”

Ashya King spoke exclusively to Channel 4 News from a villa in southern Spain, where he is staying with family friends, but he says little information has been given to them by police.

“Including taking care of all the kids, we’re having to do the research ourselves to find out information.

“We’re not getting anyone knocking on our door to tell us everything is okay. We’ve got lots of support from friends and family out here.

“My mum was by his [Ashya’s] side for the whole month that he was in hospital so for him to now suddenly not be with anyone of the family, and because he can’t really move much of his body we kept him entertained, we played games with him, we make sure that he was always happy.”

“His health might actually deteriorate because he can’t be entertained and be happy.”

Naveed King said that friends of the family had set up a petition and fund-raising campaign to help Ashya’s parent get the treatment they see fit for him in the Czech Republic.

“We wanted the best for Ashya and for us to know that now they’ve taken him away from us and maybe given him treatment that may not be best for him, it’s quite heart-breaking. Especially now that my other brothers can’t see my parents, that’s heart-breaking for them.”

Ashya King’s family took him from Southampton General Hospital on Thursday afternoon and travelled on a ferry to France with the boy and his six siblings before heading south to the Costa del Sol in southern Spain.

A ruling on whether they are to be transferred to a Madrid court for an extradition hearing is expected today, according to reports.